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Student Placement

Once a child has completed their first term it is then assumed that they will continue on a more permanent basis and their place will automatically be reserved for the following term.

If your child decides they no longer wish to continue please would you be kind enough to inform Rose as soon as possible; via text, email or phone call. As much as Rose would not want students to stop their dance training, Rose does appreciate from time to time students have other commitments and it just might not be feasible for them to continue.

If classes drop in numbers this does have an effect on whether a scheduled dance class can continue to run. Where this is the case, regular students may have to join a class at a different location and on a different day in order to continue with their dance training.

New Students - Where spaces are available new students may join a class at any time throughout the term. Fees will be applied after the initial free trial class.

Where a class is full a waiting list is in place.

Student absence - If a student is unable to attend their weekly class due to sickness, prior engagement etc… Rose is most grateful if you could inform her via text, email or phone call.